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Richard Bruce

There is a theory that Americans are more religious because they move more and need churches to establish themselves in a new community. I grew up in a military family that was not very religious, but we were great church goers and the social aspect was important. The American attachment to church is weakening according to some sources. Could this be a subtle side effect of the Internet and other communications revolution. Today you can talk to friends and family nation wide, if not world wide. This might be reducing the need for churches to provide a quick group of friends in a new community.


"Indeed some Mormons while venerating Christ do not consider themselves Christians."

Having lived in Utah all my life, I find that hard to believe. At the very least, I find it as hard to believe as I would the statement "Indeed some Catholics while venerating Christ do not consider themselves Christians". There might be some fringe people here and there, but the mormon doctrine is pretty strongly rooted in belief that Christ is the son of god, and the savior of mankind, and all that. The official name of the mormon church? "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints". How can you belong to a church like that and not be a christian?

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