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sociotard,"The only issue: How do you account for viucios editing?"In legal matters, the Sixth Amendment already protects you. (And common law rules of discovery for the rest of us.)For civil matters, I guess it would be a try to extend that principle into common behaviour. If everyone makes the unedited(*) original footage available, then it becomes automatically suspicious when someone doesn't.(* With allowances for masking faces, etc.)Eventually, it might become law.For example, this may be something the police unions who support the abuse of wiretap laws against sousveillance (because they fear of selective footage being used against otherwise good members), may accept as a compromise. Requiring the entire unedited original footage being made available.You can film, you can publish. But once you publish, you are required to make the original available.(In the same way that when someone agrees to testify at their own trial, they can't prevent cross examination.)(ulally: The thing behind the thing at the back of your throat.)


Vicious editing claerinty is a problem but perhaps the solution is education (teaching people to understand vicious editing - imagine a game in which we edit the speech of opponents to make them agree with us! ) and proactively asserting reputation. Anyone who believes anything Breitbart publishes now is ignorant of his unreliability, and it is the job of those who care to ensure that his reputation is, appropriately, one of untrustworthiness.May I also suggest that we seek to normalize recording by doing more of it ourselves? It may be much harder to squelch a right if it is frequently employed. Don't be a jerk; be sensitive to people with legitimate issues; but consider recording every time you interact with a public official and publish it on the web. This might be posed to the official as a chance for them to show how professional they are!Systematically recording and webbroadcasting public official acts may become the electronic equivalent of the English who ensure public rights-of-way stay public, by systematically walking on them.


Hi Catfish N. Cod,You are looking at the nevtiage aspects of the 'modern States Rights' movement. There are also a several positive aspects to it.It is possible to (as a nation - nationally) organize a set of options which do not include oppression of minorities or excessive callousness. Then allowing for state and local governments to choose from those option sets what best represents their ideals of government. It isn't just about having less than average government in some areas. There should be options for urban, county, or state based Universal Health Care.As with most concepts, there are good and bad motivations that feed into them. We need to look for the good and promote it while minimizing the bad.


ACORN has been destroyed, but the felaks and nut jobs on the right who still use the organization as bogeymen are not only still around, they're empowered. They get money from the wealthy backers of the Tea Party, they get media validation from Fox News and the radio talkers.So, who is going to help the poor and disenfranchised register to vote now?The right have successfully turned poverty and political powerlessness into irrelevancies. No, worse: These have become anti-sacred states. You can't do anything to help because it would violate the natural order of things in Conservative America.


Robert:Incidentally, my main problem with Reagan was that he ran agnasit Ford, the incumbent in his own party, and may very well have put Carter in the White House. And then, four years later, exactly the same thing happened to the Democrats!In retrospect, I wonder if the Reagan campaign "beat" Ford deliberately. I mean, Reagan would not have been Ford's veep, so it's not clear how well he would have done in 1980 running (presumably) agnasit a sitting Republican vice-president. Running agnasit a sitting Democrat suited his style much better.


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Maybe it would be useful to wait till there is one bill, not five or six bills, on the table, befroe getting up on one's hind legs.Murphy's Law and my previous observations of government behavior have me pretty much convinced that it's going to be an eff-up, whatever it is. I'll be quite happy to be proven wrong, but I'm not holding my breath.Soon? The name has been around since the 80s when Ronald Reagan, admired by many Libertarians, called it "raising user fees."How soon we forget.You are making the assumption that the people involved are using the service, whereas Steve explicitly stated that many of them don't. In those cases, it is most certainly not a user fee. And there are certainly people who, believe it or not, pay for their own health care as they consume it!If you've suddenly fallen in love with user fees, we're glad to have you on board.Also, there are plenty of libertarians who did not admire Reagan. His rhetoric did not match his reality, as is often the case with conservative politicians.

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On the other hand, we all know that when the pressure is off, polepe tend to slide back into their old habits.This is a great opportunity for Gov. Deval Patrick. Let's hope he can rise to the occasion.Geez Dan, I like your writing most of the time, but I've never seen a bigger disconnect between two paragraphs before. Patrick IS Beacon Hill, he's not going to reform anything. What this is, and the only thing it is, is an opportunity for the electorate. Get some ballot initiatives going. Demand pols resign. Maybe even, gasp, do something to get a third-party candidate elected someone with nothing to lose by pissing off everyone else on the Hill.But of course none of those things will ever happen. Because, quite frankly, voters in Massachusetts (like most places) are a bunch of sheep. You'll take your tax hike while the Legislature skims the cream off the top and you'll like it.BAAAAAAAA!


[ ] Mr. Rascovar is talking about the new law that rqeiures homeowners to, for the first time, apply for the homestead tax credit rather than receive it automatically. As a result of some amount of public pressure, the Maryland Legislature is considering a bill which would repeal the new requirement. Now, for the most part the arguments I've seen in favor of repeal go more or less like this one from Mr. Rascovar: Many home owners don't even know property tax caps exist. They ignore notices stuffed into their reassessment notices that arrive once every three years. Chances are tens of thousands of home owners will fail to apply for inclusion in the Homestead Tax Credit. [ ]


I'm a Democrat, and I think that the problems in this state are ceuasd about equally by the Democratic Party and the voters. Everybody complains about the Legislature, and there is a lot to complain about. But come every other November, they return the same senators and reps that are at the heart of the problem. Voters are disgusted with the Legislature but in love with their own reps. That, plus the fact that the Republicans can't field reasonable candidates.

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Federal stimulus money State of Massachusetts scluedhed to receive $11,000,000,000. Federal stimulus money typical taxpayer to receive $11 a week in decreased withholding. The legislature only wants to take away about half of that (during a recession) by the time all increases are implemented. Sounds fair to me.


Is there any reason why the cost of gonmevernt should be a greater percentage of the overall spending? The current 5% rate is adjusted with inflation and economic growth. Overtaxing and wasting the money will only dilute the federal economic stimulus. We certainly want Massachusetts to recover with the rest of the nation.


Hi, I read this in heartfelt amreegent. I train and represent a number of performing arts institutions on withholding matters and see first hand the lost of cultural experiences available to Americans because of the complexities of these rules. They were written with an eye on large dollars and big name tickets, but sweep widely across all lines. You should also be aware that in a recent IRS forum, an IRS Chief Counsel representative opined that accountable plan rules cannot be used to exempt travel and other expense reimbursement related to the entertainment from the 30% withholdable tax base. He did say he would look at it again and we wait with baited breath on the result.To borrow from your recommendations: Artists, Presenters, Managers and Arts Organizations may wish to join forces to lobby Congress to take this situation out of the hands of the administrative agency (IRS) by crafting a comprehensive solution to the issues presented by the current tax scheme. Jerri Langer, Cokala Tax Information Reporting Solutions


He says again, "Good fences make good neighbors."

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As a citizen, I am grateful to know we tackled this topic since health is the vital thing we have to take care of. It's true that government uses tax for its revenues but I am not clarified if Health Law Mandate is a tax also. Anyway, I still disagree. It should be free!

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stimulus money State of Massachusetts scluedhed

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