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We will not resume posting to our blog until after Labor Day.

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Yuan Cao

i dont think it is a valid point to argue that because china had a lower population density compared with Korea, Japan and other Asian states at the time when the policy was implemented, the conditions upon which China introduced this policy are unjustified. there are quite a number of other factors that substantially differed china's situation with those of the other states. Korea and Japan had much better infrastructure in place and their economy was also much stronger. However, China at the time had just weathered a series of political movements, many of which are inflicted by Chairman Mao himself. moreover, not only did Mao expressed his dislike of birth control, he actually went a step further encouraging people to have as many children as they want. The more the better, simply put.
there are much more to the situation than what you have offered in your article.
see i think this is the problem of American or western academics writing on issues concerning China. a few scratches on the surface of China do not make you an expert

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