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Titi NaBUru

"Pharmaceutical drugs are the poster child for patent protection. Few other products have the characteristics that make patent protection indispensable to the pharmaceutical industry."

I disagree completely with that statement. Patents aren't needed in the pharmaceutical sector, it's just finding a new business model. This one I read sounds very reasonable:

o- Pharmaceutical get their budgets directly from governments to research new products (as with university research).

o- When a pharmaceutical develops a new effective medication, they publish it openly.

o- Medication manufacturers around the world produce any medication they want without royalties.

Ana Butacu

What would incentivize investors into funding new pharmaceutical research projects? I believe that the refuge behind patents (mechanism of defending "market dominance") is actually incentivizing rather than restricting competition. Benefits can certainly be drawn out of the race to be the first to patent, even if talking of incremental innovation. Moreover, competition may be of secondary importance when considering the benefits that could be drawn from innovation. Although, the commission in it's reports shows that the rate of originator drugs entering the market is decreasing, one also ought to take into consideration other factors such as the national legislation on pricing and reimbursement schemes that may have the effect of encouraging secondary patenting.

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