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Congestion pricing? More of the ALL FOR THE RICH agenda? "Time more valuable??"

Perhaps....... however it's those having to "punch in" at a time certain for whom commuter time is most crucial. Upper income and management typically have more flexible schedules.

And when would the flag go up for "congestion tolls?" right when most of our long stagnant wages are scrambling to get to their first or second job.

How about "congestion pricing" being a progressive fraction of one's income? Still like it?

All volunteer military? Isn't it the stone truth that the military is often the employer of last hope for many of our lower income folks? "Cannon fodder" for those like our top pols who have NO intention of sending their kids off to kick doors in, in Falujah.

" All volunteer Patriotism? " A cheap flagette likely crafted in China and a couple of "Support our Troops" decals for the family gashog? FEW protesting the lie-based war in Iraq? "No threat to MY family...... let "those" people deal with it, just three back to back 15 month "tours?" send 'em in again some have done five tours".

And "mercenaries?" What were those legions hired by Blackwater at a cost to the US taxpayer of $1500 plus per day? with profitable leased helicopters and other military machinery?

Ummmm... "great" that the "volunteer" military "provides some of the best opportunities for their advancement" Aah yes enlisted ranks a great opp for "them?"

The organ "donor" issue is far more complex with as Becker states arguments on both sides. Would, in the H/C mess we're in add the cost of buying organs to insurance, Medicare and Medicaid?

Probably, as disallowing would be seen as denying best practices and may well be less costly than dialysis over time. Aside from "desperation pricing" from the near destitute what would we think is a fair price for being opened up for a fairly serious operation? Maybe a new crossover SUV?


Your argument ignores the very real likelihood that criminal enterprises would become involved very quickly in a cash market for body parts. It also assumkes that anyone can properly assess the risks of selling an 1/2 organs.

In addition, any system like this would essentially produce an auction in which people would value their organs in proportion to their net worth, and not at all in proportion to the market price of organs. I suspect that we would see the prices of organs vary inversely with low-to-moderate incomes. I have a hard time believing that we would ever see affluent people selling their body parts with any greater frequency than we see their children enlist in the military during times of war.

Good economics need not be amoral.

Surf Ski

Jack, you are very angry. i recommend a little more life experience, which will help you better understand these issues and give you context to argue from or for. highly recommend you tuck into a job for 20 years then, upon emerging on the other side, you will better appreciate Prof. Becker's arguments. going through life angry, young , and foolish is hard.

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