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Good point. i.e. "This social cost of long-term unemployment has received insufficient attention from the media and during this presidential campaign."

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I find it more useful to not only point out the problem but offer solutions too.
With that in mind what would be the solution besides the obvious economic growth,retraining.
Shorter working week? Maybe but it's debatable if it works. Limiting the week to 40h and all else factored in as overtime might be enough in some sectors(what's the social cost of working too long hours and not getting properly payed?).
The informal labor market might be on the rise because of the internet too and i wonder if the wars have any impact on the stats,unsure how the vets are counted here.


Okun's Law may be an operant prinicple in this Depression/Recession (I'm not fully in agreement that it has ended). Yet, I agree that there has not been enough attention given to this socioeconomic problem by either the Government, Media or Economic blocks. One of the problems that has been overlooked in terms of unemployment numbers is the disproportionate number of the unemployed in the youth sector and ""older", more experienced and costly" would be workers who have had to shoulder this unemployment debacle. As an example, I do believe the EEOC has observed that the number of filings for Age Discrimination Suits has increased by a factor of forty percent since 2010 or there abouts. So that raises the question of what is really going on in the minds of Management and Human Resources?

As has been observed in many searches of for a full time, paying job with Benefits. "Come on in for an interview, but don't expect us to hire you". How much longer are the unemployed expected to beat their heads against a Brickwall?


I hope that the unemployed/under employed are using their time to find work, improve their skills or retrain, or enjoy extra time with their families and other interests (if they have the means). My guidance counsellor said that we should expect to have three jobs during our lifetimes and should develop employable skills other than those learned in school and on the first job. The social and economic costs of unemployment and under employment outweigh the political benefits of creating unnecessary booms or manipulating individual choices through tax, fiscal, monetary, and regulatory policies.

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