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Thomas Rekdal

The long-term economic effects of the long-term unemployed (whoever they are) may indeed be survivable. No doubt we will eventually get through this and it will be back to the old Upward and Onward. I am not so sure the fate of the depressed souls going through this will be equally cheery, however. But that is a subject for novelists, not Darwinians.


I noticed, at least to me, that if you are not hired for a longer period of time, then you've got no desire to do so.

jim kirby

"...there currently are 800,000 id rgwn" is a touch-typist's way of saying, "...there currently are 800,000 of them."


You're a great writer Judge Posner but this post was chock full of typos and syntax errors.

Amy Clark

Long term unemployment could be caused by a recession and a mixture of other things as well. Then they are less likely to get re-hired. However, new research by economists has shown that there is more movement around the labor force than people thought there was. Barack's new policies are starting to take effect and the long termed unemployed are starting to pay more attention to seeking jobs. Statistics state that there is actually a reduction in long-term unemployment as well. Originally there was 6.2 million people not looking for jobs and it is currently 4.8 million now.

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