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jim kirby

I don't fully buy the "economies of scale" argument for maintaining the status quo. Some of the smallest countries in the world are filthy rich: Switzerland, Luxembourg, Lichenstein, Monaco, Singapore and Hong Kong (though now a part of China).

I greatly favor secession by Texas. Although its economy might suffer from the scale factor, things would improve vastly by throwing out the fed, along with all its socialist tax and entitlement rules. Indeed, if the States totally broke up, we could leave CA and NY to stew in their socialist juices without dragging the others down, and we could free ourselves from the Welfare States of MS, AL and TN. What used to be Amerikans could then vote with their feet, leaving the 47% to the socialist and welfare states and the rest of us free for enterprise.

I could even imagine a state that would outlaw breeding altogether, saving all those wasted educational dollars, and allowing immigration of only the well-behaved, educated and potty-trained of other states and countries. It would quickly set a positive example, and maybe the rest of the world would then clamp down on wanton breeding, wasteful public education, and the support of the breeders, widows, disabled and dependents that is killing SS, Medicare and Medicaid.


Jim, Careful about what you wish for. There is a movement afoot both in the U.S. and Texas to give the State back to Mexico. Except for the "Golden Triangle" around Houston. BTW, how's your Spanish and there's still a requirement to convert to Catholicism. As for travel to the rest of the continental U.S. you're going to need a passport and visa. That is if we decide to allow you to cross the border... ;)

jim kirby

Right Neilehat,

I'm Hispanic, fluent in Spanish an Portuguese, with a home in Rio, intending to give up my USSA citizenship and build a home in Costa Rica. I've traveled throughout the USSA, never more than 100 miles from a McDonald's. BORING.

Mexico is growing; Amerika is dying. Anyway, we Hispanics will soon take over TX, CA and FL, not that we want CA.

Eric Rasmusen

The USA and India are large, with lots of groups that can logroll with each other and prevent a tyranny of the majority. In both cases, this wasn't always true and disaster followed--- North vs. South in the US, and Hindu vs. Moslem in India/Pakistan.

Yugoslavia might have worked, except it unravelled, with the Slovenes leaving first. There is an interseting problem of multiple equilibria due to expectations mattering---maybe the Slovenes wouldn't have left, except that they thought Yugoslavia would break up. And maybe South Carolina wouldn't have seceded if it had thought other states would not follow (certainly once most slave states had seceded, Kentucky was in an awkward situation).


Posner's argument about the disadvantage diversifying risk for a small country when facing a shock does not makes sense (paragraph 5).

Let's say that the souteast region of U.S. face an adverse shock in its manufacturing industry (i.e., the world don't want to buy more carpets from Georgia). It is true that the overall statistics of national production might not be affected for a shock in a small industry. However, the effect in the south region, and specially in Georgia, will be the same whether or not this region consider themself an independent country or a region that belongs to the US.

The fact that national output might not be affected is only an statistical fact, and it will be the same as if we compere the effect of an adverse shock on output in a small eastern european country with the effect of the name shock on the whole european output.


Jim, As for the "Golden Arches" that's Marketing at its "best". There's always a Burger and Fries nearby. Just a change from a plate of beans and lard... ;)

Andres Orozco

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