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Cynical prof

"Illegal immigration drives many Americans crazy, although I’m not clear why."

I'm no fan of blaming racism but I believe it's either that or xenophobia that's to blame.

Terry Bennett

I'm not crazy - my mother had me tested - but I AM offended by illegal immigration, and if a judge of all people can't figure out why, here's a hint: the phrase "illegal immigration" starts with the word "illegal".

Furthermore, it's not xenophobic to simply acknowledge the self-evident fact that we are better than they are, which they concede by their desperation to come here and take some of what we have already built rather than do the work to build their own in the lands God gave them.

We stand for what is just. We proclaim our sovereignty over this land, albeit in a pathetically wimpy fashion, and we go to great lengths to promise justice for all. These people have cut in line, and I don't respect them and I don't think they are U.S. material. We're breeding our own criminal class, accepting these people who think nothing of defying our government and our law. Imagine how they feel about such minor restrictions as auto insurance, drinking and driving, rape, and littering. We have all these millions of people on our streets who are not morally inclined to obey any law but their own. Just like their illegal presence, they will break all these other laws with impunity, until someone proves to them that they must obey the law. We are at the point of surrendering our law to their horde, when major politicans speak of these people as if they are somehow acceptable - they are not - or even victims - they are not. I am nowhere near ready to concede this defeat.

Moving to economics, we don't need them. We can expel them. Unemployment throughout the recent years of crisis has remained low for college graduates, but skyrocketed for the unskilled, which is exactly the sector displaced by illegals. If there were suddenly 11 million unskilled openings, unskilled wages would rise because of demand, and the economy would look a little different, but that realignment would not necessarily be a bad thing. We've adjusted to the aberration of their presence and come to take it as normal, but we could perfectly well change back to the days when construction work was prized and a neighborhood kid could make a few bucks raking leaves.

jim kirby

The way to eliminate illegal immigration is to make immigration legal.

True that the country, like the planet, is suffering lack of lebensraum, water, clean air, fish, wolves and a host of other things. True, as well, that our welfare state attracts immigrants who prefer gummint benefits to working.

The solution is to cancel our pro-natalist policies in favor of attracting immigrants already potty-trained and educated and to eliminate every vestige of our welfare state.

That seemed to work very well in 1895.

Magnamicus Prime

What say we adopt the same rules the Mexican government applies to illegal immigration and then there will be no more criticism from that source, right? Mexican rules are so harsh for illegals we would surely get no more argument from the constitutionalists here that would love to love immigration, if only we did more of the legal kind. Judge Posners obtuseness on this point is really disheartening but maybe he's just being coy.

And we arent running out of anything but clear thinking. Just to put "lebensraum" into context, you can do some simple googling/arithmetic and you'll find that you could fit over 8 billion people into the census description of "land" of just the state of Texas, and the population density would equal Cook county, IL. I wouldnt want to do that to Texas and personally wouldnt want to live there but then I dont want to live in Cook county either. Just sayin'.

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