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"The numbers of Illegal Immigration by Mexicans are down". How do we know that for sure? Being subject to Arrest and Deportation means that those who are entering the Country illegally are operating under the Radar and as such never truly show up in the statistical data lists. Hence, the statistics are faulty and of no real value. Although, I do agree that Market/Economic/Political forces are the main motivating force for Immigration. I know this for a fact since my forebears left the British Isles in the 1690's and 1720's and Germany in the late 1840's (to escape from the Prussian Secret Police). Economic and Political factors are the prime motivators for Immigration. But, a Nation must still control immigration of foreign nationals across it's Borders. Otherwise, it cannot be considered a Sovereign Nation.

Wky James

I agree that the decline of the illegal immigration from Mexico is not just base on the policies or the situations happening inside the U.S. Instead, as the author stated, the “push” factor in the Mexico.
First of all, the Mexico economy had been growing gradually this few years. According to the statistics mentioned in the article, the growth rate for the Mexico GDP had been over 4% per year. This growth even surpasses the U.S. economy which improved the general standard of living for the people living in Mexico. Meanwhile, through the improvement, people will not choose to take the risk of going to the U.S illegally as their living environment has been better off a lot comparing to the past.
Secondly, in my opinion, the Mexico general education level had been raised to a higher level. By doing so, people can be enjoying a better education level which raised their knowledge and this also means that they can get a better payment job which also reduces the incentives of illegal immigration.
Finally, I think that the way of selling the right to immigrate is quite achievable and reasonable to do it. This is because the Federal government can gain from earning the fees for competing for the right to immigrate. Meanwhile, this can help screening out some illegal immigrants as they already know that they cannot afford it. In addition, some people may not take the risk of facing barriers in the States or being discriminated, they will rather stay at their home place to ensure themselves to be living in a familiar area rather than a totally new region.

Terry Bennett

"The US must find a way to offer a path to citizenship..." Why?

Immigration is a privilege we grant to certain individuals, and it should at least be primarily granted on the basis of a benefit to those of us who are already here. If we need people - and I do not concede at all that we do - we should attract people. If we don't need people, we shouldn't be letting them in.

The current practicality is that we have a long waiting list of qualified people. If we need people, we can get plenty, and we can afford to be choosy. We do not, in any sense, need 11 million illegals. In fact, our own lives would be bettered if the illegals all left. There would be winners and losers economically, but everyone would eventually benefit from the restoration of law, which has been set aside at present.

A lot of people enjoyed the presence of Al Capone in Chicago, to the detriment of a lot of other people. Illegals benefit employers, who make larger profits when they don't have to be concerned with minimum wage, workers comp, lawsuits, and all the rest of the overhead of legal workers. Perhaps the cost of some foods is lower due to the presence of illegals. However, the larger picture reveals that illegals are a detriment to me, a representative citizen, because they are an increased threat to my safety. They do not conform their behavior to the regime of law upon which I rely for my protection. An illegal who learned how to drive in Mexico, or any other backward country, is not thereby qualified to get in a car, sans license, and drive on the same roads I use. If they need money, why would they refrain from robbing me of my money - they obviously don't have any reservations about robbing my country of wealth, without paying their fair share to uphold the laws which make this wealth and this comfort possible for all of us.

The waiting list for Filipino immigrants in most classes is over 20 years. Filipinos are the ideal immigrants: English speaking, educated, democratic, Christian, overwhelmingly pro-U.S., not accustomed to state welfare, and able to step in and function here on day one. Most of those waiting already have family connections here. (The socialist Brits may look like me, but they surely do not think like me.) I propose that we implement a bounty system, whereby a Filipino family waiting for a member to join them can go catch an illegal, who will be fed to the sharks, and their reward will be that their waiting family member can come here and replace the illegal. We have no net loss of population, but we get better, more educated, more capable people, and they'll all be legal.

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