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David Strong

Dear Professor Posner,
Your post reminds me of the work by Lessig, G Cohen, and others. Is there anyone doing quality work to shed some light on the cost of higher education over the past 50 years, the conflicts of interest, the corruption, the impacts of factors such as the federal student loan guaranty, etc. It would be interesting to understand this behavior. I am sure the work of Saez, Piketty and others would be well worth including in the analysis, as well. Just as Petrie Flom Center - G. Cohen recently held a conference on the FDA, it would be interesting to have one on higher education. I also think what you wrote equally applier to the private school scene in NYC, of which I am a product. In 1980 the tuition at places like Riverdale, and Horace Mann were $8 - 9k, now they are approaching $40k!
A fan of your work and writings, and UC alum.

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