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Thomas Rekdal

For all of the reasons Judge Posner details, privacy has always seemed to me to be the least valuable value in our lexicon of values. Since he does not explain what sorts of legal protections would serve to enhance the type of privacy that might nourish creativity, I am not sure what to make of that suggestion.

In general, however, any strategy designed to reduce abuses of privacy by preventing law enforcement agencies from taking advantage of improvements in technology to do their jobs better seems to me both ill advised and probably unworkable. I assume he has something else in mind.

Terry Bennett

The New Jersey Supreme Court stated, very well, in 1995's Doe v.Poritz (142 N.J. 1): "...an individual cannot expect to have a constitutionally protected privacy interest in matters that are exposed to public view." If you can be seen without extraordinary means or efforts, you can be recorded. People can still be as creative as they care to be, behind closed doors.

Elliot Jenner

The potential abuse cases could be vastly mitigated by allowing full reciprocal surveillance and souseveillance. The main concern (not exactly mitigated by the recent FBI illegal surveillance incident) is that if the cameras are put up and only accessible to the authorities, sooner or later someone unscrupulous will get into a position to abuse them. By giving everyone access to the system, or at the very least by giving everyone access to a system to watch the closed system being used, it will prevent the development of secret police behaviors.

David Glenn

Why not? That is the best way to figure out if something happen on the street without a witness.There's no wrong with cameras if you have nothing to do. However, we cannot blame people not to agree with this especially those who wants to keep their privacy. But if people would know that there are cameras surrounding the place, then they probably won't do anything bad. Hence, decreasing crime rates.


Hi, this is very nice post “Security Surveillance Cameras—Posner”. Generally, several plan designed to decrease violence of privacy through avoid rule enforcement organization. Thanks for share it.

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