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Glenn Law

Well, my question is: as to what point these higher hospitalization cost reflect a larger quantity of concentrated and effective and quality high-tech care being provided, and to what extent its just a matter of higher prices?

jim kirby

The possibility that the greater costs in Amerika reflect higher quality high-tech care is belied by the equal or better outcomes in countries where care if far cheaper.

Terry Bennett

Whenever the people who consume are not the people who pay, watchdog effort is undermined and prices rise despite the presence of competition. If nobody is looking at price, then price ceases to be a competitive factor.

In the Philippines, most of the middle class owe their status to the fact that they have a family member working outside the country and sending back dollars. In most cases this is not the difference between eating and starving. Rather, it is the difference between flip-flops and Nike Air Jordans. The people who buy signature brands have no idea how much work it took their sister the domestic helper in Italy to earn the money for that Gucci pocketbook.

The economics of health care are not constrained by price, and so to answer Judge Posner's question, yes and no: American health care is too costly for the payers, but it is not too costly for the blissfully ignorant consumers thereof. Until the responsibility is properly aligned, we are destined for more of the same.

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