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Terry Bennett

I agree with the idea of selling entry. We are providing something of great perceived value to the petitioner, and we should get something for it. It also keeps out those who aren't serious.

I disagree with the idea of selling or otherwise conveying citizenship. Naturalization is no longer a useful concept in a modern world where one can fly anywhere in a day. Allegiance is not such a rational process as to conform to a mere oath. I can't tell you how many foreigners I meet whose grand plan consists of coming here, getting rich, and going home. There are plenty of people sitting in their home countries collecting retirement benefits from a U.S. career, even in government. (Btw, this is fine with me since it helps us avoid the costs of terminal medical care.) With very few exceptions, I think the right to vote is far too valuable for us to give up, and it is entirely superfluous as a bargaining chip. We can get all the people we need to come here, and even get the right people, the most likely to do well, without offering them citizenship. Our deal should be that they can come here, they can work, they can stay for their whole lives if they conduct themselves according to our law, and their children born here will be citizens. That will be sufficent, and will spare me the current indignation of having American policy decided by people who are not American.

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