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"Sequestration" an Economic failure? Of course. What we really have is the practice and policies of Political Economics by euphemism, and as we all know, Words are a poor substitute for real action. But as a Nation what else can we expect from such a Congress...

B Wilds

While the subject of the budget has dropped off the radar for a bit as the focus of the American people has wandered off to subjects like NSA surveillance and the death of a black teenager in Florida it seems the budget is about to raise its ugly head again. Sadly little has changed, we have been lulled with the rest of the world into complacency as we have kicked the can down the road and as a nation feeling little pain from the sequester. Not dealing with what we were told was a massive problem has only reinforced the idea that far too much has been made as to the ramifications of an out of control budget going forward. A resent post on my blog site talks about how this topic will soon be front and center,


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