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Jjj Jjj

I believe you should ask yourself why your first thought is not that an intervention is illegal.
It's also rather disturbing to war for one's interests. Maybe it was ok 100 years ago but it's certainly isn't now.
Guess, if the Middle East is 200 years behind, the US is 30-50 behind and ,it seems , in no rush to evolve (or grow up).

Don Harris

I wonder whether Obama may be using this moment to calibrate the extent to which the administration can rely on Congress and the American people for support should an invasion of Iran be deemed necessary to destroy its nuclear weapons program. We are told that such an invasion would be a large, complicated enterprise, possibly involving special forces. It could last months and get bloody rather quickly. There also could be Iranian reprisals on American soil or, more probable, against American interests in the region.

There was a time when politics in the U.S. ended at the water's edge. Not today. One reason is the 24/7 full-throated outrage of the Republican base (older white males) over their loss of primacy and prestige. The vitriol, amplified by Fox et al., is just too loud and too poisonous for Congressional Republicans (even the moderates) to ignore. The absolutists peaceniks in the Democratic caucus aren't helping matters either. And there's a new twist: our newly vocal (mostly by way of leaks) military leaders and planners are frightened by the prospect of a war with Iran, as well.

The American message now transmitting to Israel is clear, succinct, and undeniable: you are on your own. America can live with a nuclear-armed Iran.

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