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Gertrud Fremling

The latest CDC numbers put the estimate for the US slightly lower, not over 2 but rather at 1.88.
For instance, see this article:


"One, from my own experience as a judge, is that virtually all the cases we see in which a Chinese woman or couple is seeking asylum in the United States for fear of sanctions for violating the one-child policy (while here in the U.S.) if returned to China are from a single province—Fujian. "

The reason that Fujian becomes the largest source of one-child policy asylum seekers is probably that people from Fujian prefer using this excuse to seek asylum in the U.S.

Fujian is actually the largest province in China to export immigrants to North America and other countries. Immigration is a tradition there. Though many go abroad as legal labor, a lot of others are applying with forged documents or pretending as persecuted by the government.

Fujian is also well-known as "hometown of left-behind", meaning that the young people and adults go abroad to make a fortune while old and kids are left behind at hometown. The asylum seekers in the U.S. may well have deserted two or more children at home, to pretend that they are struggling against nation power to have a second kid.

As a native Chinese, I'm not writing down this with pride. But truth is truth, and Fujian is not a solid case to be used in this article. Back to the one child policy, my personal judgment is that the policy may not have much impact to people in the country side or low tier cities, but it may encourage people in 1 or 2 tier cities to have one more child. The cities are where population control is really tight- where resources are rich and but not rich enough for anyone. Residency record is actually a permission to use such resources. Now many families have one more quota.

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