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jim kirby

I agree that something like this has to be done, but note that the policy is extremely racist. When SS was instituted and until recently, Black men in Amerika had a life expectancy of below 65, so that they could toil lifelong, earning low wages, denied visits to national parks and forests, and then die at 65, leaving their contributions to the lifelong non-contributing or indolent spouses of White men. Black women, to a lesser extent, suffer the same disadvantage, especially when you consider that both Black men and women are less likely to be married and as singles paying even more to support the indolent White spouse.

It is thus beyond ironic that now as the Black man has attained a life expectancy of around 70, we should raise the retirement age to 70!

B Wilds

Many are finding the new healthcare more expensive and harder to implement then first thought. When it comes to healthcare people wonder what we are facing in both care and cost, what I see as the crux of the issue is who will be paying these bills. Giving people an incentive to be responsible is a good starting point.

Americans spend more on healthcare then people in other developed countries, but with very poor results. When all is said and done the issue is how can America cut healthcare cost and get more and better coverage for the money spent. The post below delves deeper into this issue.


B Wilds

As for my reaction to the first comment made which starts out,

"I agree that something like this has to be done, but note that the policy is extremely racist."

All I can say is, you have to be kidding. This comment is a perfect example of tunnel vision and why it is so hard to develop consensus.

Terry Bennett

As to comments one and three above, I'm sure Jim's facts are accurate and the policy produced a racially disparate result, but it is a stretch to assert that the motivation behind the policy was racist. As a group, blacks live shorter lives on average than whites, but the best performers of both races are equal, living slightly past 100. This proves that the disparity is not genetic, but cultural. The black numbers are driven down by gang warfare, poor diet (which may be partly due to lack of food money, along with uninformed choices), and less diligence toward health care (again, partly due to lack of money and partly due to lack of information and/or will). I invite citizens of color to be a thorn in the side of the WASP establishment, by behaving differently and thus living longer.


Vouchers, subsidies and MORE patch work to make up for incomes getting so far out of line? Perhaps......... that is the way to redistribute a pittance of the wealth generated by more than a doubling of per employee productivity but it's hardly the entree.

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