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jim kirby

In the meantime, Amerikans can benefit from the medical care and dental care that cost less than 1/3 what we pay north of the Rio Bravo.

Not to mention the fact that prescription drugs can be had over the counter there, cutting out the doctor-middleman and Obamacare.


Good summary -- but are we to ignore Mexico's GINI index that is worse even than that of the US and 2nd worst in the world? (for those doing the work and trying to move up)

Like the US some bit of "trickle down" could spur domestic consumption and provide jobs for many more. (While Mex claims an unemployment rate under 6% methinks they count quite differently than the more developed nations.

Improvement and competition in the financial sector? I've not been there in the past three years, but on last visit about any financial transaction involved the use of paper and, remember those sharp things for spiking receipts? yep, one or more of those.

I've long had the same hopes for Mexico's clambering into developed nation status with those hopes increased every time I visit and see a largely cheerful, hardworking people doing the best they can and not getting a decent shake.


Jim....... just a side note, but as near as I can tell "Obamacare" as the plan hatched deep within the right wing propaganda mill, Heritage Org has come to be nicknamed in honor of the first President to push forward a means of greatly expanding rational H/C access since 1965 when LBJ pushed through legislation creating both Medicare and Medicaid, has been neutral.

If one were to seek a villain in the curious economics of OUR patenting and producing so many prescription drugs, while those of many other nations, often under a system of universal H/C access, pay far less, in recent years the clearly marked path would lead to the Bush admin and their "hasty" midnight passage, after what some say was an illegal extension of the floor vote, while arms were being twisted, implementation of the prescription drug portion of Medicare, which expanded the size and cost of government, and "curiously" left out the enabling provisions of "allowing" Medicare to price shop, as the VA has long done, and which has resulted in the VA paying half or less what is extorted by Big Pharma from Medicare D.

"Funny thing, eh?" were a Medicare eligible Vet to opt for a prescription drug being provided by Medicare, that he'd cost his fellow citizens twice what would be the case were he to get the same from the VA.

Returning to Mexico, yes, those of this richest of nations can and often do benefit greatly by the impoverishment of others. Item: Just this week Cambodian garment workers have struck, and are being killed as they seek a pay raise to $160......... per .......... month, up from the current $80. The gov has upped its "offer" from $90 to $100 as the impasse continues.

Such movements, worldwide, will surely help all working folk including those of Mexico and the US.

BTW have you read anything about the "Wobblies?" or that great labor leader of the era Joe Hill?


Another radical Domestic Policy change South of the Border. We've seen these before and they all seem to go nowhere. My attitude, let's take a "wait and see" attitude before we say "Yea" or "Nay"...

Jack, Some like to play at the "Neocon/Hayek/Anarchocapitalist" -thinking that it will give them some traction and an inside track here in Hyde Park and on Campus. Nothing could be further from the truth. At least from what I've seen and experienced... ;)


Not much interest in the 120 million folks trying to live on a ONE trillion economy, just south of the 317 million who share (to some extent) in a 16 trillion economy and despite the costly and foolish beyond belief "fence" share much in common and are each heavily impacted by inter-related problems like our seemingly insatiable demand for drugs.


Jack, Hey, the "Black Market" is part and parcel of the overall Economy for a lot people. Whether we like to recognize it or not. And I won't mention Colorado - they may be moving in the right direction considering Industry appears to be dying.

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